Research @Google

At Google Maps, I consistently collaborate with cross-functional teams, quickly understand product challenges and design mixed methods research solutions.

I use methods that help stakeholders understand their unique users’ needs. I engage product teams with thorough kick-off meetings, open feedback loops/active listening, and analysis debriefs for mid-study high-level takeaway discussions.

I decided to join a company with exceptionally high UX maturity to master the process of incorporating real user problems and latent needs into solution building. Before Google, I learned to be scrappy and work well in ambiguity while working with early-stage startups.

Through collaborating with dozens of cross-functional stakeholders, I have learned how to effectively scope studies, involve stakeholders in the process and interpret large data sets for clear decisions. I excel at asking great questions for the team and to the users. Outcomes include: Validate critical user journeys, prioritize development for minimum viable product, and inform the product roadmap.



Research Questions

  • What are users’ mental models?
  • Is this useful? When and how?
  • Does this fit in current workflows?
  • Is the product desirable? Discoverable?
  • Understandable? Match expectations?

Method Expertise

  • RITE, concept testing, card sort
  • Surveys, 1:1 interviews
  • Web/app analytics, eye-tracking
  • Usability studies, cafe studies
  • Competitive analyses, lit reviews

Project Deliverables

  • Key takeaways highlight reel
  • Results report deck presentation
  • Analysis debrief report
  • One-pager with executive summaries
  • Study plan and script