Elex UX Strategy

The green startup has style, youth, and customer trust.

Elex Solutions is an electrical service provider that helps home and business owners to access clean energy and modern technical appliances. Elex Solutions specializes in electrical panel upgrades, which helps people to have greater access to solar power. They primarily serve customers in the San Rafael / Marin areas.

The immediate competition had too similar branding.

SOS Electric, another small electrical service company in the San Rafael area, had matching themes and branding. This finding was one of the bigger research surprises. Identifying a list of credible platform uses was helpful in providing insight into next steps. My suggestions helped to expand the customer funnel and increase company credibility for enhanced customer experience.


Elex is expanding its platform use for more customer leads.

After 6 focused days, I delivered multiple analyses and actionable insights. We started with four immediate competitors and several strategies to assess. For deeper analysis and a synthesized report, I split the information into two categories: marketing strategies and credibility criteria. I wanted to understand how the competitors position themselves and also how customer view them. The pie charts in each section reflect the weight of individual features for each category.


Establish presence as credible electricians in San Rafael.

With several more established competitors, Elex has a tough road ahead. However, their depth of electrical knowledge and fresh ideas will allow them to move forward. For next steps, we will conduct further user and market research to create an experience map and UX blueprint. These tools will allow Elex to further understand it’s competitive advantage and play up their angles.

Allison’s analysis, which she did in a relatively short period of time, was informative and insightful. Her project presentation was very comprehensive. I got a good roadmap for what to do next in the next few weeks and much more information about our competitors, with some pretty huge surprises.

Rain Karner

Director of Marketing, Elex Solutions

Seek to understand and to communicate effectively.

Throughout this project, I created several iterations of the graphics I would deliver. I focused on fully understanding the problem space and allowing myself feel a bit lost.  By following the creative process I am able to immerse in loads of data, embrace the unknown, and emerge with research-backed UX roadmaps.

Generating Ideas

A good map feels like a catalyst, not a conclusion.

The company has already utilized the additional platforms that I uncovered. Their customer leads immediately expanded, and now we’re working on hiring strategies to build a sustainable system for talent acquisition. User research and hypothesis testing are currently in progress.