Cureus UX Strategy

Successful neurosurgeons had a big heart and a small team.

Cureus leverages the power of an online, crowd-sourced community platform to promote medical research with tools to better serve and highlight physicians’ research around the world. John R. Adler, MD, and his co-founder created Cureus to give a new generation of doctors a fast and free option for online publishing. Better research, faster publication and easier access for everyone.

It was a revolutionary concept with a messy execution.

For the medical publication industry, their concept was revolutionary. But the execution became messy. Our job was to understand the moving pieces and create a UX roadmap to generate quality content and build their reputation.

We did a 2-week agile UX sprint. I was the Project Manager.

Design to generate quality content and build reputation.

We assessed the competition, reviewed the website heuristics, and then started mapping out the medical publishing universe. To better understand the foreign industry, we used conceptual and ecosystem mapping, user flows, task analyses, and a UX strategy blueprint. We also co-created for a more cohesive project. We summarized our findings and Sketched our recommendations.

We provided clear next steps for Cureus’ UX strategy.

The UX Strategy Blueprint and mapping out the ecosystem helped us to identify the most crucial user flow: the publish research flow. The success of this flow will strongly influence doctors’ decision to publish their work on Cureus instead of other journal competitors. Through focusing more attention on this flow we were able to connect the users’ primary goals with Cureus’ key business goals. Through increased quality content, Cureus would be able to improve their reputation and leverage their professional network to further develop their revenue model.